Marketing and Sales in Asia

Asia‑Pacific is experiencing enormous economic growth. But even for multinational companies, the region is still often a black box about which little is known. Reasons for that are cultural differences, on the one hand, and the fast‑changing economic environment, on the other hand. On top of that, managers are often challenged by significant cultural differences that exist within the Asian countries. The course “Marketing and Sales in Asia” offers an opportunity to get to know the particularities of the Asian markets in more detail. The program combines lectures and company visits.

Date: April 2nd – 7th 2018 / Location: Singapore

The course is an elective taught in English and represents 6 ECTS.


The course is structured in such a way that it combines lectures, case studies, recent research studies, and insights from industry experts as well as self‑study. Here, students are asked to prepare a video in groups about a selected topic concerning the business and trends in Singapore.

Our focus is on the critical examination of the following subjects:

  • International Marketing
    • Going international and being international
    • Competition between international and local players in the market
  • Asian competence
    • Trends in the Asian market
  • Asian culture
    • Cultural diversity in Asia
    • Intercultural management


  • Individual paper (30%)
  • Group presentation (50%)
  • Participation (20%)


There are 20 seats available and the study trip is open to students from all master programs at HSG interested in learning about international marketing, gaining Asia competence and deeper insights into the Asian culture.


Course fee: CHF 200.- / Students will have to cover the costs for the flights and accommodation in Singapore (approx. 1000 – 1900 CHF).

Application Process

The seats will be assigned by a special application process (no bidding). The selection of the participants will be based on a written motivation email.

To apply for the course, please send an email including a CV and short motivation statement to not later than January 31st, 2018. Due to organizational reasons applications are binding.

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