Call for Papers: Purpose-Driven Marketing

The predominant image on the purpose of marketing is often limited to “sales maximization” and “advertisement”. Researchers and practitioners in this field know that those buzzwords are not comprehensive. Nevertheless, the fundamental premise is for marketing to promote sales, at least in profit oriented comanpies. At the same time, many companies are increasing the efficiency of their marketing activities by expanding their target portfolio: Investments in social and ecological projects are working, as well as self-reflected transformation processes in-house. A successful example is the cooperation between Adidas and the “Parley” initiative. Nowadays, brands need to represent more than their core product: The representation needs to be consistently embedded in the overarching mission, the “purpose”. It is a challenge to authentically communicate social und sustainable motivations and find markets for innovative products. We are looking for contributions on exactly these challenges and successful solution models, as well as:

  • Marketing strategies & marketing potential for sustainable products
  • Incentivization for sustainable behavior (e.g. nudging) & solutions for the value-action gap
  • Brand positioning (e.g. Nike/Kaepernick campaign) & critical marketing (non-consumption)
  • Marketing strategies, acceptance and concepts for new and sustainable technologies (e.g. energy, mobility, nutrition, etc.)

Please submit your abstracts until December 14, 2019 and the full articles until February 14, 2020 to The “purpose-driven marketing”-themed Marketing Review will be published on June 30, 2020. We’re looking forward to reading your abstracts!

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