50th annual “Association for Consumer Research”

Congratulations! The IfM team presented their research at five special sessions at the 50th annual Association for Consumer Research in Atlanta last week together with colleagues from Wharton, Oxford, Berkeley, Alberta, Baruch, and others! All sessions focused on the impact of humanized A.I. and how new technologies are changing consumerbehavior, brandbuilding and sales. The five selected papers at the intersection of marketing, technology, and psychology were:

  1. Detrimental Trust in Automation: How Conversational Robo Advisors Leverage Trust and Mis-Calibrated Risk Taking (Hildebrand & Bergner, 2019).
  2. Dehumanization in the IoT: Experiential Consequences of Human Interaction with Digital Voice Assistants (Hildebrand, Hoffman, & Novak, 2019).
  3. Conversational Interfaces as Persuasion Instruments: Implications for Consumer Choice and Brand Perceptions (Bergner, Hildebrand, & Häubl, 2019).
  4. The Verbal Chameleon Effect and Alexa: An Assemblage Theory Approach (Valenzuela, Luna, Hildebrand, & Du 2019).
  5. Good Buzz, Bad Buzz: Using Vibrotactile Feedback to Shape Consumer Choice (Hampton & Hildebrand, 2019).

The future is now…


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