Bachelor and Master students are welcome to write their thesis at the Institute of Marketing. The potential supervisors are: Prof. Dr. Christian Belz, Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke, Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel, Prof. Dr. Peter Mathias Fischer and Prof. Dr. Dennis Herhausen.   If not explicitly excluded, all topics may be addressed in English or German language.

Our Hub for the Allocation of Theses

We developed a central application portal hub for those Bachelor and Master students who are thinking about writing their thesis at our Institute of Marketing. Would you like to become inspired by topics that we officially announce? No big deal, our hub lists these and allows for direct application. Did you already develop a proactive topic idea and would like to check our capacities for supervising it? No big deal as well, our hub allows for those speculative applications.

General Information

Please consider the general guidelines for theses at the University of St.Gallen. Additionally, our internal procedure for the allocation of theses at the Institute of Marketing can be found here.