Alumni Club

About us

IfM-HSG Alumni is the alumni organization of the Executive Education Program of the Institute of Marketing (IfM) at the University of St. Gallen. The aim of IfM-HSG Alumni is to promote networking among former participants and to participate in their continuing education through annual events und der the motto “lifelong learning”.

Well networked and informed

The alumni and alumnae are regularly invited to exclusive networking and executive education events every year. In addition, alumni and alumnae have the opportunity to secure a place in prominent guest lectures or group workshops in various current courses.

Advantages at a glance

  • Access to the closed IfM-HSG Alumni Group on LinkedIn for mutual exchange as a networking platform
  • Invitation to the exclusive IfM-HSG Alumni Day with lectures on current topics and as an opportunity for networking
  • Invitation to guest lectures and workshops in the current implementations of our course program
  • 10% discount on the annual subscription to the “Marketing Review St.Gallen
  • 10% discount at the HSG Shop
  • 10% discount on single seminars
  • Receipt of the IfM-HSG Alumni Letter on current research results and topics in executive education and business
  • Access to the broad network of IfM-HSG Alumni for career advancement


All graduates of our CAS and DAS courses and intensive studies are entitled to membership of IfM-HSG Alumni. Specifically, these are the following courses:

  • Marketing Executive HSG (DAS, 30 ECTS)
  • Sales Executive HSG (DAS, 30 ECTS)
  • HSG Intensive Studies Marketing Management (CAS, 12 ECTS)
  • HSG Intensive Studies Sales Management(CAS, 12 ECTS)
  • HSG Intensive Studies Communication and Management (CAS, 12 ECTS)
  • HSG Intensive Studies Marketing- and Customer Management in B2B (CAS, 12 ECTS)
  • HSG Intensive Studies for Purchasing Managers (CAS, 12 ECTS)
  • HSG Intensive Studies Excellence in Key Account Management (CAS, 12 ECTS)

Each of our IfM-HSG Alumni and Alumnae who has completed a CAS or DAS receives a 10% discount on an additionally booked individual seminar (3 days). CAS participants can even take 7 instead of 6 modules, because they do not have to choose between the optional modules.

Use our online form to apply directly for membership: