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12. July 2021 By Felix Maier
Imagine you have recently moved and want to notify your bank of your change of address. If you are like most customers, you will probably do this via written correspondence or, after a bit of tedious searching, perhaps even via your e-banking. Provided your bank allows it. I had to

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17. May 2021 By Felix Maier
The field of "Marketing & Consumer Behavior" represents one of the core disciplines of business administration and is one of the most important departments at almost every business school or business faculty. Like all other disciplines of business administration, "Marketing & Consumer Behavior" is undergoing epochal social change, particularly due
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01. April 2021 By Felix Maier
We are happy to announce that the two leading institutes in marketing and consumer research at the University of St.Gallen – the Institute of Marketing and the Institute for Customer Insight – will operate as a single unit in the future. Under the direction of Prof. Johanna Gollnhofer, Prof. Sven
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08. March 2021 By Felix Maier
For FMCG manufacturers, D2C ("direct to consumer") strategies are becoming increasingly important. From baby food to chocolate to beauty products, products are increasingly being sold directly. The team around Prof. Dr. Schögel and Severin Lienhard conducted a survey with 58 managers of FMCG manufacturers in cooperation with the Promarcaden association
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