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06. October 2021 By Felix Maier
The Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight at the University of St.Gallen and the Starrag Group presented the second "Christian Belz Award for Reality-Oriented Marketing Management" to Anna Selent at the Marketing Dialogue on 4 October. The award honours the best dissertation of all marketing professors of the University of

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31. August 2021 By Felix Maier
The customer experience in retail has changed fundamentally with the pandemic. Before, it was primarily stationary sales outlets that offered a convincing customer experience. This was largely due to elaborate shop design, inspiring product presentation and, in particular, personal advice. With the pandemic came the turning point. Fear of infection,
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17. August 2021 By Felix Maier
A Data-Driven Approach to Improve the Digital Customer Journey for SMEs A Case Study On HAILO In the current, rapidly changing environment, understanding the customer journey and continuously improving the customer experience are key success factors for competing successfully in the online business. A case study of HAILO, a German-based
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12. July 2021 By Felix Maier
Imagine you have recently moved and want to notify your bank of your change of address. If you are like most customers, you will probably do this via written correspondence or, after a bit of tedious searching, perhaps even via your e-banking. Provided your bank allows it. I had to
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