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02. December 2020 By Felix Maier
The Corona crisis has unsettled employees. Many are working under difficult conditions at home and some are afraid of unemployment. At the same time, their motivation and commitment should help them to drive forward the urgently needed transformation process into an increasingly digital corporate world. This contradictory situation challenges companies
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27. October 2020 By Felix Maier
The platform economy is booming. However, platform business models are often based on powerful monopolies or oligopolies, leading stakeholders to look for more balanced ecosystems. As blockchain technology offers decentralized solutions, it appears attractive for replacing such platforms. However, many blockchain applicatons are still in an early stage. This paper
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15. October 2020 By Felix Maier
"A Podcast by the Institute of Marketing, that would certainly be an exciting thing" – we thought and stepped directly to the work. After some discussions about name, content and technical stuff, the first two episodes are now ready. Enjoy listening! Click here for the Podcast
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01. October 2020 By Felix Maier
Trends are transitory. We have known this at least since the euphoric enthusiasm about the social media platform "Second Life". For a time in 2008, there was almost no other topic in marketing and media than to discuss the question: What's the best thing to do on Second Life? The
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