The practice-oriented orientation of the Institute for Marketing at the University of St.Gallen is reflected in several spin-offs that current and former members have co-founded.

Center for Industrial Marketing St.Gallen AG

Dr. Michael Weibel and Prof. Dr. Christian Belz founded the Center for Industrial Marketing St.Gallen AG in 2014. The center supports nationally and internationally important industrial and service companies as well as public institutions in all questions of corporate management. 

The consulting company covers all strategically relevant topics in business-to-business that are crucial for customer success. The service portfolio ranges from the strategic alignment in business-to-business marketing and sales to the introduction of new business models, processes, organizational structures and technology strategies.

MPM Market Performance Management St.Gallen AG

Founded in 2004 as a spin-off from the Institute for Marketing and Trade at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), MPM Market Performance Management St.Gallen AG supports companies in effectively aligning marketing and sales with their goals, as well as professionalizing the processes involved to control. The aim is to use suitable methods and instruments to increase the quality of decisions in marketing and sales in order to make the best possible use of market opportunities.

The portfolio of consulting services offered by MPM St.Gallen encompasses the entire marketing process from marketing planning and implementation to marketing control and marketing controlling. Due to the extensive project experience with large corporations, but also with medium-sized companies, MPM is able to develop individual, optimal solutions for all problems.

ServiceOcean AG

Dr. Alexander Schagen, former project manager at the Institute for Marketing, and Thomas Addison founded ServiceOcean AG in St.Gallen in 2013. ServiceOcean offers call centers, agencies and branches innovative software solutions for scheduled customer contacts in the entire buying process. Customers book minute-by-minute telephone appointments at all contact points and are called fully automatically at the right time. 

The resource-based appointment offer is special. Offered appointments increase capacity utilization and quality. Customers meet with prepared consultants, so that the identification of the customer is omitted and the conversation time (AHT) is reduced. Minute-by-minute phone appointments offer customers a contemporary alternative to the queue. Because there is no relationship in a person’s life that works without appointments.

Sound Leadership LLC

Founded in April 2015 in Boston by Dr. Johannes Flecker and Prof. Dr. Peter M. Fischer (assistant professor at the Institute for Marketing), Sound Leadership LLC is the youngest cooperation partner of the Institute for Marketing. Sound Leadership works with companies and executives to develop songs that help companies break out of old patterns and structures, actively initiate change, promote creativity and innovation, and develop customer journeys and stories that emotionally touch customers.

The songs can be professionally recorded in recording studios in Boston, Los Angeles or Singapore and recorded top-class. In addition to the Institute for Marketing, Sound Leadership LLC works intensively with the renowned Berklee College of Music and can draw on a network of award-winning leadership experts, singers and songwriters, including the Grammy Award and Tony Award Winners.