Study: The Future of Retail

Weihnachten Retail
Study: The Future of Retail

The Institute of Marketing, together with Accarda, has produced a new study on “The Future of Retail – Zum Stand der Initiativen”.

The pressure to transform the retail sector is enormous. New business models are constantly being created and the rules of the game are being broken. New giants are emerging, from which dominant ecosystems emerge. On the other hand, the “decline” of some formats can hardly be overlooked.

So what is “the trade” doing in Switzerland? Where are the trends? Which are the companies taking up to make themselves fit for the future? Who is already among the leaders? In order to shed light on these questions, the IfM team around Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel, Severin Lienhard and Esther Schmid, in cooperation with Accarda, have set up a wide-ranging, qualitative study. The result provides exciting insights.

You can read the entire study here.