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The Institute for Marketing at the University of St.Gallen has been successfully implementing the practice-oriented excellence program “Best Practice in Marketing” for more than 20 years. The basic idea of this program is an exchange of experience, moderated by us as a university, on current marketing and sales topics between leading “best practice” companies (currently including B. Braun, Bühler, Geberit, Ricola, Roche, Swiss Life, UBS , and Weber-Stephen LLC). The program is deliberately designed to be cross-sectoral and exclusive of competition, since interesting approaches can often be obtained from other sectors and we maintain a very open exchange. Every year, four current, exciting topics are redefined in cooperation with our partners and then discussed in interactive workshops.

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Facts and Figures

The research program started 1998 with an empirical success study from 30 expert discussions and a written survey of over 600 companies from 40 industries. The aim was to identify “best practice” approaches in marketing as well as leading companies. Successful marketing strategies were also analyzed and cross-sectoral and cross-sectoral success patterns identified. Since then, the idea of “bench learning” has been taken up in regular management focus groups.


The “Best Practice in Marketing” board is the steering committee of the entire research program. It consists of representatives of our leading partner companies from various industries and meets twice a year. The board determines the basic content and direction of the research program, determines the topics and composition of the management focus groups and decides on the admission of additional partner companies.

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Management Focus Groups

In more than 20 years of “Best Practice in Marketing” we have addressed the following topics within our focus groups. In the BPM season 2020, our main focuses were as follows:

Aufgabenorientiertes Marketing Management 
22–23 September 2020 – Hotel Walhalla, CH-St.Gallen

Task-oriented Marketing Management 
9–10 September 2020

Marketing in an Era of Circular Economy, Sustainability and other Societal Demands
1st Workshop: 2–3 September 2020 – Hotel Walhalla, CH-St.Gallen
2nd Workshop: 15–16 October 2020 – Seminaris Campus Hotel Berlin, DE-Berlin

Lead Management & Segment of One
1st Workshop: 19–20 August 2020 – Vienna House zur Bleiche, CH-Schaffhausen
2nd Workshop: 21–22 October 2020 – Radisson Blue Hotel, CH-St.Gallen

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data-driven Marketing
1st Workshop: 25–26 August 2020 – Schloss Marbach, DE-Öhningen
2nd Workshop: 27–28 October 2020 – Hotel Säntispark, CH-St.Gallen/Abtwil

Organizing Agile and Digital Marketing including Platform Business (Top Management Focus Group)
17–18 November 2020 – Schloss Marbach, DE-Öhningen

Study: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data-driven Marketing

On 4 March 2021, the 22nd Best Practice in Marketing Conference will take place – this time virtually. Subsequently, the topics and dates for 2021 will be determined.

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