Executive Education Programs

Whether you want to fill gaps in knowledge, search for new impulses for your daily work or strive for holistic training, we offer the right training for you. We are at your disposal for any questions or for individual advice.

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS, 30 ECTS)

Marketing Executive HSG

Only with an integrated perspective can managers and specialists solve complex marketing problems. Market-oriented corporate management is just as important as effective corporate communication with a target group-oriented approach.

Sales Executive HSG

Managing a sales team and using it efficiently is a demanding task. Professional sales management must focus on the success drivers in the company. The implementation of sophisticated strategies must also start in sales. The goal is to develop into a “Sales Driven Company”.

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS, 12 ECTS)

HSG Intensive Studies Marketing Management

Anyone who successfully differentiates themselves in the market has a sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing plays a key role in this. By taking a strategic management perspective, the basis for market-oriented and fair corporate management can be established.

HSG Intensive Studies Sales Management

For most companies, personal sales are the most important approach to the customer. The interaction with the customer decides how successful the products will be, how services can be integrated and which prices will be achieved. The implementation of sophisticated strategies must start with sales.

HSG Intensive Studies Communication and Management

From an increasing number of new communication options to the growing expectations of all stakeholders – for a consistent external perception and to place messages sustainably, marketing and communication must be coordinated in a goal-oriented manner.

HSG Intensive Studies Marketing and Customer Management in B2B

Today’s customers demand far more than innovative and technically perfect services. Comprehensive service packages are required which can exist in the face of increasingly international competition. Professional marketing and sales management is a prerequisite for this.

HSG Intensive Studies for Purchasing Managers

The goal of the intensive study for purchasing managers is to provide new conceptual impulses for integrated, customer-oriented and strategic procurement management.

Intensive Seminars

B2B-Marketing and Sales

The special features of business-to-business business place high demands on marketing and sales. Successful providers differentiate themselves today through customer-related services that bring real added value when working with the customer’s different contacts.

Marketing Intelligence

Companies operate in a constantly changing environment. Marketing can only be successful if companies can understand the context in which they operate. To do this, the environment must be continuously monitored in order to take advantage of potential opportunities and identify dangers early on.

Digital Marketing Academy

Intensive seminar As part of the digital transformation, corporate communication and marketing are constantly changing. Interactive marketing approaches and digital media must be integrated into the company’s existing marketing and communication.

Marketing Performance Management

Managers are increasingly faced with the challenge of ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of market-oriented management. In addition, the pressure to justify increases. The question “What’s in it?” Is being asked more and more frequently, especially in economically difficult times.

Effective Advertising with a Small Budget

For every company and every product, advertising has to be “invented” specifically. What leads to success in one company only costs money ineffectively in another. Effective and creative advertising starts with the advertising company and not with the advertising agency.

Excellence in Key Account Management

Every company deals with attractive but demanding large customers. Only your own professionalism is decisive for the sales success. It is important to create the organizational requirements in your own company and to proceed systematically and with sensitivity.

Strategic Marketing for Hospitals and Clinics

Market-oriented corporate management is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor for organizations in the health care sector. Due to the strong regulations, the differentiation from the competition through the core performance is very narrow.

Brand Leadership

Brand Leadership is a point of view from which corporate management or the positioning of services and products can be designed and their effects on the market can be assessed. The goal is to anchor your company in the minds of current and potential customers.

Market-Oriented Strategies for Profitable Growth

In the past few years, the focus of companies on their markets and customers has become increasingly important. However, it is not just about customer satisfaction as an end in itself – it is about developing and maintaining profitable business together with the customer.