Executive Education in Communication

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS, 30 ECTS)

Marketing Executive HSG

Only with an integrated perspective can managers and specialists solve complex marketing problems. Market-oriented corporate management is just as important as effective corporate communication with a target group-oriented approach.

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS, 12 ECTS)

HSG Intensive Studies Communication and Management

From an increasing number of new communication options to the growing expectations of all stakeholders – for a consistent external perception and to place messages sustainably, marketing and communication must be coordinated in a goal-oriented manner.

Intensive Seminars

Brand Leadership

Brand Leadership is a point of view from which corporate management or the positioning of services and products can be designed and their effects on the market can be assessed. The goal is to anchor your company in the minds of current and potential customers.

Digital Marketing Academy

Intensive seminar As part of the digital transformation, corporate communication and marketing are constantly changing. Interactive marketing approaches and digital media must be integrated into the company’s existing marketing and communication.

Effective Advertising with a Small Budget

For every company and every product, advertising has to be “invented” specifically. What leads to success in one company only costs money ineffectively in another. Effective and creative advertising starts with the advertising company and not with the advertising agency.