Executive Education in Sales

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS, 30 ECTS)

Sales Executive HSG

Managing a sales team and using it efficiently is a demanding task. Professional sales management must focus on the success drivers in the company. The implementation of sophisticated strategies must also start in sales. The goal is to develop into a “Sales Driven Company”.

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS, 12 ECTS)

HSG Intensive Studies Sales Management

For most companies, personal sales are the most important approach to the customer. The interaction with the customer decides how successful the products will be, how services can be integrated and which prices will be achieved. The implementation of sophisticated strategies must start with sales.

HSG Intensive Studies Marketing and Customer Management in B2B

Today’s customers demand far more than innovative and technically perfect services. Comprehensive service packages are required which can exist in the face of increasingly international competition. Professional marketing and sales management is a prerequisite for this.

Intensive Seminars

B2B-Marketing and Sales

The special features of business-to-business business place high demands on marketing and sales. Successful providers differentiate themselves today through customer-related services that bring real added value when working with the customer’s different contacts.

Excellence in Key Account Management

Every company deals with attractive but demanding large customers. Only your own professionalism is decisive for the sales success. It is important to create the organizational requirements in your own company and to proceed systematically and with sensitivity.