HSG Intensive Studies Communication and Management (CAS)

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Severin Lienhard

Severin Lienhard

Phone: +41 71 224 29 47

The CAS Communication and Management provides you with the necessary knowledge for creative and professional corporate communications for companies, advertising- or PR-agencies

Certificate CAS Communication and Management

Upon successful completion of the CAS Communication and Management you will receive a certificate from the University of St.Gallen, which is internationally recognized. To ensure that the contents learned can be directly applied to business practice, the CAS Communication and Management is modular in structure. The modular structure also allows you to easily combine your professional obligations with the continuing education program at the University of St.Gallen.

In combination with the CAS Marketing Management and a diploma thesis, participants can further develop the CAS in Communication and Management into the DAS Marketing Executive.

Your Benefit

This intensive course of study conveys current concepts, methods and applications in the field of corporate and marketing communication. It enables participants to deal professionally with stakeholders and the media in order to place messages effectively and to design the appearance of companies successfully. Thus, the intensive study program focuses on the communication and interaction processes of companies with their customers, investors and employees and helps to specifically design relationships in communication networks. As an institute for marketing, we integrate practice-oriented research and the experiences of successful executives in this course and thus enjoy a largely unique position in the landscape of universities, universities of applied sciences and other seminar organizers. It will help you to assess strategic and operative communication decisions with regard to their effects on society, markets, the Internet and people. You will be able to advise superior positions (management, CEO etc.) or clients of your agency in the area of strategic corporate communications. You will be able to base your argumentation on findings from various aspects such as law, reputation, corporate social responsibility, brand management, ethics and morals, psychological and social effects, management, communication controlling, etc.

Further Highlights from the CAS Communication and Management of the University of St.Gallen (HSG):

Benefits for your personal development:

  • Consolidation in the field of digital marketing
  • Practice-oriented learning transfers: The work per module is directly applied to your company
  • Group work: cooperation on a topic with other participants from different sectors, regions and functions
  • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency by acquiring tools that have been proven in practice
  • Platform for a personal network of contacts

Benefits for your company:

  • The knowledge imparted in the CAS Communication and Management training course ensures your long-term competitiveness
  • By conveying concepts, principles, methods and tools for a professional handling of strategically important customers, you ensure long-term profitability and growth in the company
  • In different workshops the participants work out concrete solutions for current challenges in the company
  • The transfer work between the modules should ensure the transfer of the knowledge acquired in the seminar into the daily work of the course participants
  • In the further training the participants professionalize their working methods and communication skills


The CAS in Communication and Management is aimed at experienced managers and young high potentials in marketing, communication and public relations. A first degree is not required. A 100% work activity is possible.


The course shows current concepts, methods and applications for creative and professional corporate and marketing communication for representatives of companies, advertising and PR agencies.

Module IV:

Digital Marketing Academy

17.–20. January 2023

Search Engine Optimization; Conversational Commerce; Voice Assistants; Firestorm Management; Digital Transformation and New Business Development; Omni-Channel Communication; Platform Economy; Subscription Economy; Influencer; Social Media; Creation; SEM; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

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Module V:

Brand Management

14.–17. March 2023

Strategies and techniques for building strong brands; sponsoring; brand positioning; success factors for sustainably successful brands in a post-digital world; employer branding; digital brand management.

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Module VI:

Communication psychology and effects

30.–01. June 2023

The Psychology of Communication; The Communication Square; Storytelling; Communication in SMEs.

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Module I:

Communication basics and concepts

06.–08. September 2022

Overview of the most important elements of corporate communication; basics of communication psychology; basics of communication work and conception of communication approaches.

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Module II:

Communication Management

08.–10. November 2022

Communicational Controlling; Creability - Idea development in teams; B2B communication; The value of Communicate corporate communications internally; sustainability reporting in corporate communications; crisis communication; reputation and issues management.

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Module III:

Communication media, means and design

06.–08. December 2022

Thinking and acting in complex communication situations; danger zones in communication - legal barriers and design situations; visual communication; dialogue marketing.

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Your Investment

Participation in the course costs a total of CHF 18,750.– for 20 days of study (4 modules of 3 days each and 2 modules of 4 days each). This includes all course materials, books, lunch and refreshments during breaks. Not included are the costs of travel to and from the course, accommodation, dinner and joint evening events.

Your Program Advisor

Severin Lienhard

Severin Lienhard

Phone: +41 71 224 29 47

With your application you will be involved in the planning phase at an early stage. The binding force only begins 6 weeks before the seminar starts.

With the non-binding reservation you secure one of the coveted places and will be informed shortly before overbooking.


Degree: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-HSG)
ECTS Credits: 12
Start: 6 September 2022
Duration: 6 modules each 3 – 4 days
Location: St.Gallen
Target group: Managers and high potentials in marketing, communication and public relations
Investment: CHF 18'750.–

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