HSG-Intensive Studies Marketing and Customer Management in B2B

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Meriton Ceka

Meriton Ceka

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Professional marketing and sales management at first hand


After successful completion of your studies, you will receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-HSG), an internationally recognized proof of top-class continuing education. The HSG Intensive Studies Marketing and Customer Management in B2B (CAS) has a modular structure and consists of the intensive seminars B2B Marketing and Sales (5 days), Excellence in Key Account Management (9 days) and Management of Sales Processes (3 days). To ensure that the content learned can be applied directly to business practice, the individual modules are not held in one go, but spread over the entire year. In addition, the modular structure allows for an easy combination of professional obligations with the continuing education program of the University of St.Gallen.

Your Benefit

During the 17 days of the course you will acquire in-depth expertise in the B2B sector, which will help you to successfully master the changing requirements of the practice. Due to the close practical relevance, you will be asked again and again to transfer what you have learned directly into your company.


The CAS certificate course is aimed at committed managers and sales staff from various industries who have responsibility for business customers in nationally and internationally active companies and are responsible for relevant decisions and their implementation.


By adopting a holistic view of your company, your customers, competitors and the market, managers with foresight manage to adapt business models, develop innovative concepts and successfully differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market. The HSG Intensive Studies Marketing and Customer Management in B2B Business (CAS) helps you to make the right decisions and minimize risks in your everyday work by addressing current issues and providing methods and tools.


This certificate course aims to equip you holistically with important skills, up-to-date knowledge and useful methods for the business-to-business business and has the following focal points:

  • Acquiring a close familiarity with the principles of business-to-business
  • Promotion of a strategic view of marketing, sales and the market environment
  • Strengthening of the customer-oriented view within the own company
  • Increased independence in the planning and implementation of concepts
  • Strengthening of analytical and methodological skills in business-to-business business, marketing, sales and key account management
  • Access to the latest research findings
  • Exchange of experience and establishment of networks for a sustainable deepening of knowledge transfer beyond the duration of the CAS programme
  • Development of personal competences and skills (leadership and personality competence in KAM)

The modular structure of the CAS Intensive Studies Marketing and Customer Management in B2B allows a flexible entry. You can also take the seminars individually at first and only later expand to CAS:

Intensive Seminar I:

B2B Marketing and Sales

28.–02. October 2020

  • Performance and price management: the management of performance and consideration
  • Sales and customer management: the right way to the customer
  • B2B communication: being perceived in a target and customer-oriented manner
  • Marketing controlling and implementation: levers for B2B success

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Intensive Seminar II:

Excellence in Key Account Management

Modul 1 (01. – 03. September 2020): Systematic key customer analysis and processing

Modul 2 (13. – 15. October 2020): Portfolio orientation, management and personal competence in KAM

Modul 3 (24. – 26. November 2020): External effects and internal implementation in KAM

  • Basics and instruments of successful and modern key account management
  • Systematic processing of individual key customers
  • Anchoring of key account management in the company
  • Development of personal competences and skills

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Intensive Seminar III:

Management of Sales Processes

10.–12. November 2020

Customer processes become longer, more staggered, shift or are terminated. In order to lead the customer to make a purchase, these customer processes must be accompanied effectively and the business processes in sales must be aligned accordingly.Content: Organizational complexity in sales, sales of digital products, collaboration between marketing and sales, management and coordination challenges in international sales

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Conditions of admission

Admission is at the discretion of the director of studies. Attention is paid both to the professional career and to the education and further training completed. An academic university or university of applied sciences degree is not required.

Your Investment

Participation in this intensive study programme costs a total of CHF 18,750.–. This includes all course materials, books, lunch and snacks during breaks. Not included are the costs of travel to and from the course, accommodation, dinner and joint evening events. You are welcome to attend the seminars individually at first and only later expand to the CAS. In this case, the total investment including project work amounts to CHF 19,750.–.

Your Program Advisor

Meriton Ceka

Meriton Ceka

Phone: +41 71 224 71 64

With your application you will be involved in the planning phase at an early stage. The binding force only begins 6 weeks before the seminar starts.

With the non-binding reservation you secure one of the coveted places and will be informed shortly before overbooking.


Degree: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-HSG)
ECTS Credits: 12
Start: 1 September 2020
Duration: 5 modules each 3 – 5 days
Location: Weiterbildungszentrum Holzweid, St.Gallen
Target group: Managers and sales staff from various industries who are responsible for business customers
Investment: CHF 18'750.–

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Should the clarifications take a longer time, we recommend that you register provisionally (online reservation). Until the limit of participants is reached, we will keep a place free for you without obligation and inform you before we assign it to someone else.

Between study blocks, you will reflect on the material covered in the study block, solve three individual test questions, work on the project work and prepare for the next block. The weekly working time required for this varies greatly from individual to individual. On average, former participants invested 8 to 10 hours between modules.

If you have missed a lecture or study block (due to illness, military service, professional obligations, etc.), you can make up for it free of charge in the following year, provided there is a comparable offer.

Our training course is designed to be extra-occupational and usually takes place from Tuesday to Thursday. In this way, we enable our participants to optimally coordinate further training and professional tasks.

No specific technical, professional or university education is required for the HSG Intensive Studies Marketing and Customer Management in B2B (CAS). A first degree is not required. However, in order for relevant topics to be dealt with in sufficient depth and worked on in a group, it has proven to be useful if the participants have practical experience in marketing and ideally demonstrate this in a management position.

The sender is of central importance for the recognition of the degree: the University of St.Gallen is one of the leaders in business education. With the Bologna reform, further education degrees were divided into three levels:
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS): 12 ECTS credits / Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS): 30 ECTS credits
For further information about eMBA/MBA please contact us personally.

Yes, the language is basically German. Passive knowledge of English (reading and listening) is an advantage, as documents or parts of lectures can be in English.

On request, we will be happy to name some participants (e.g. from your industry) who you can contact.

All documents, examinations and the supervision of the diploma thesis as well as break meals and lunch are included in the tuition fees. If necessary, additional costs for overnight stays, parking fees and evening meals are incurred.