HSG Intensive Studies Marketing Management (CAS)

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Laura Noll

Laura Noll

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The Intensive Studies CAS Marketing Management (CAS-HSG) conveys current concepts and best practices in marketing management.

Certificate CAS Marketing Management

After successful completion of your studies, you will receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-HSG), an internationally recognized proof of top-class continuing education. You can extend the Intensive Studies Marketing Management in combination with the HSG Intensive Studies Communication and Management (CAS) or the HSG Intensive Studies Sales Management (CAS) and a diploma thesis to obtain the executive education diploma Marketing Executive HSG (DAS) or the executive education diploma Sales Executive HSG (DAS).

Your Benefit

In 6 modules of 3 days each, you will receive future-oriented impulses for your marketing management and acquire innovative concepts on topics related to marketing. In addition, you will be asked to transfer what you have learned into the marketing management of your company during your intensive studies. After completing your studies, you will be able to define priorities in marketing management and independently create and implement marketing concepts. Furthermore, you are familiar with innovations and current developments in digital marketing and are able to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing management and the corresponding instruments. The aim of this intensive course of study is not only to deepen the knowledge of different areas of marketing management. Rather, we enable you to grasp the issues in their entirety and to develop practice-oriented solutions together with the speakers and the other participating executives.

In the 3rd module you can choose between two options within the framework of an optional compulsory module and set your individual focus. Choose between the intensive seminar Product Management and the intensive seminar B2B Marketing. You can find more information on the websites of the intensive seminars. If you are not sure about the options, we will be happy to advise you and identify the most suitable option for you.

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Further highlights from the executive education in Marketing Management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG):

  • Practice-oriented education in Marketing Management at the HSG
  • Advancement in your own organisation through professional and personal competence
  • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency by acquiring tools that have been proven in practice
  • Cross-industry exchange of experience with top-class marketing managers in further education
  • Platform for a personal network of contacts
  • Ensuring the future and competitiveness through the complete application of the St.Gallen task-oriented approach
  • Long-term profitability and growth in the company by teaching concepts, principles, methods and tools for the development of a long-term and sustainable marketing strategy
  • Professionalization of the tasks of a marketing manager
  • Possibility of individualization through compulsory and optional modules in the 3rd module


This intensive course is aimed at experienced managers and young high potentials from sales and customer management in industrial, commercial and service companies. A degree is not required.


The intensive study programme aims to provide participants with up-to-date knowledge, new skills and innovative methods in marketing management, including strategic marketing, market research, brand management, digital marketing, product management, distribution, pricing and marketing controlling. Participants in the training benefit from a cross-sector network of specialists and managers from B-2-B and B-2-C companies. They are given a strategic management perspective on marketing: based on the interplay of marketing, sales and innovation, the Marketing Training lays the foundations for market-oriented and market-driven corporate management.


Within the framework of the CAS Marketing Management, participants develop future-oriented strategies for long-term and sustainable corporate success, including in the following areas

  • Basic principles of marketing management: Basics and application of the principles of marketing planning, in terms of customer acquisition and retention, performance innovation and maintenance.Management-oriented
  • Market research: Derivation of management-relevant questions from your own company, selection of suitable market research methods and interpretation of corresponding results for solution development
  • Product, distribution and price management: Developing product, marketing and price strategies based on the concrete requirements of your own target group and market demands.
  • Brand management: developing, positioning and maintaining brands
  • Digital marketing: platforms, data analytics, SEO, SEA
  • Marketing Controlling: Measuring, evaluating and optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your own marketing measures.

Module I:

Market-oriented Strategies for Profitable Growth

19.–21. January 2021

This module can also be booked individually*. In recent years, the market and customer orientation of companies has regained importance. However, market orientation is not only about customer satisfaction, but about creating profitable business models together with the customer. The first module focuses on profitable growth on the basis of market-oriented management.

Content: Market Orientation, Strategic Marketing, Task-oriented Approach, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Performance Innovation and Maintenance

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

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Module II:

Marketing Intelligence

16.–18. February 2021

This module can also be booked individually*. The context in which companies operate are constantly transforming. However, marketing can only be successful if employees understand their business context. Market research enables companies to identify target markets, to develop successful offerings and to adapt marketing planning accordingly.

Content: Environmental & Industry Analysis, Competition & Customer Analysis, Country Analysis in Global Marketing, International Customer Behavior, Trend Analysis, Qualitative & Quantitative Methods in Market Research, Customer Satisfaction Inquiry

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

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Module III:

Optional Compulsory Module: Product Management // B2B Marketing

Optional Compulsory Module: In Module III, you can choose freely between the modules Product Management and B2B Marketing. We will be happy to advise you on what is better suited to your situation.

Intensive Seminar Product Management
30. März - 1. April 2021

This module can also be booked individually*. Companies should design their services in such a way that they can be uniquely positioned in the market and meet the demands of attractive customers. These services often contain different modules, which have to be selected and weighted. In addition to the configuration of services, these must be adequately communicated, internally coordinated and priced. This implementation takes place in sales. For this reason, the participants in this module also deal intensively with questions of pricing, sales and customer management.

Contents: Product management, service systems and structuring of services, standardization vs. differentiation, communication and commercialization of complex services, tangible service design, active price management.

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

Intensive Seminar B2B Marketing
20. - 22. April 2021

This module can also be booked individually*. The specifics of business-to-business (B2B) place high demands on marketing and sales. Today, successful providers differentiate themselves through customer-related services that offer real added value in cooperation with the various contacts on the customer side. The marketing of technically high-quality and complex products and services requires systematic analysis and implementation, which requires in-depth technical and methodological expertise.

Contents: Strategic B2B and industrial goods marketing, sales and customer management, specifics of B2B business, buying center marketing, B2B communication (value selling), trade fair, event and digital content marketing, lead management, CRM, predictive analytics, service dominant logic.

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

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Module IV:

Brand Management & Digital Marketing

27.–29. April 2021

In saturated markets, a strong brand is key for differentiation. Brands possess strategic character: they build the foundation for communication, distribution, product and price management. This module helps participants to build a unique and relevant brand image, brand knowledge and brand preferences.

Content: Strategic Brand Management, Global Branding, Brand Architecture, Extension & Alliances, Behavioral Branding, Communication Concepts, Real Marketing, Social Media Marketing

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Module V:

Distribution & Price

25.–27. May 2021

When defining the “route to market”, selecting distribution channels is one of the key strategic decisions of a company. The options are manifold: New and interactive media provide novel touchpoints, while existing distribution channels have to be combined and extended by innovative methods and alternative distribution channels.

Content: Online Distribution, Multichannel Management, Marketing Cooperations, Static and Dynamic Pricing, Price Differentiation, Non-linear Pricing, Price Calculation & Controlling, Discounting, Price Tactic & Price Communication

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Module VI:

Marketing Performance Management

22.–24. June 2021

This module can also be booked individually*. Leaders are increasingly expected to justify the efficiency and effectiveness of their actions. This module provides the basis for purposive budgeting and efficient controlling. It helps participants to develop a company specific marketing cockpit.

Content: Marketing Controlling, Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness, Return on Marketing, Strategic Marketing Controlling, Ad & Marketing Controlling, Online Marketing Controlling, Marketing Cockpit

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

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Your Investment

Participation in the course costs a total of CHF 18.750.– for 18 days (6 modules à 3 days). This includes all books and documents, lunch and break meals. Travel expenses, accommodation, dinner and joint evening events are not included.

Your Program Advisor

Laura Noll

Laura Noll

Phone: +41 71 224 28 76

With your application you will be involved in the planning phase at an early stage. The binding force only begins 6 weeks before the seminar starts.

With the non-binding reservation you secure one of the coveted places and will be informed shortly before overbooking.


Degree: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-HSG)
ECTS Credits: 12
Start: 19. January 2021
Duration: 18 days (6 modules à 3 days)
Location: St.Gallen
Target group: Managers and high potentials from marketing and customer management in industrial, commercial and service companies
Investment: CHF 18'750.–

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At the end of the seminar, the seminar badge will be handed over to all participants who have attended at least
80 % have participated in the study. Please register with the seminar leader if you are interested in
events cannot participate. In order to obtain the certificate of achievement, you have to be registered at St.
Galler intensive studies for marketing management 4 of 5 tests have to be passed successfully and a
project work (please pay attention to the given deadlines).

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The quality of the answers depends only to a small extent on the scope. Often it is more difficult to discuss briefly the essential aspects than to discuss all the to show details. Restrict your answers to the specific topic of the question and discuss them in detail. In the past, participants have used tests on average 8-10 pages required.

Das Institut für Marketing der Universität St.Gallen (IfM-HSG) führt seit über 35 Jahren Seminare
durch, sodass diese vor allem in der Schweiz aber auch international in weiten Kreisen der Wirtschaft
anerkannt sind. Sie erhalten ein offizielles Zertifikat der Universität St.Gallen, das EQUIS und AACSB
akkreditiert ist.

We hold our events in conference hotels in the area of St.Gallen/Eastern Switzerland or in
Center for Continuing Education at the University of St.Gallen. Please note the respective information
to the booking, which you will receive with the invitation letters to the individual seminar blocks via e-mail
received. Of course you are free to choose another one of the following
to organize overnight accommodation, if you do not want to stay in the conference hotel.

The amount of time required varies greatly from person to person. Depending on the interest, the individual
Seminar topics are reworked with varying intensity. Surveys among former seminar participants
show that, on average, between 3 and 8 hours of preparation and follow-up work on the seminar
are needed.

The project work is usually done in groups. The groups consist of about 2 to 5
participants together, who have been replaced by nearby residences or places of work
can also meet between the seminar weeks. The project work deals with a
current company problem of one or more group members and should be as concrete as possible
be worked out. Detailed information on the project work can be found in the document “Methodology in
St.Gallen Intensive Studies for Marketing Management”.

The seminar language is basically German. In a few exceptional cases, a speaker in
English language. Passive English language skills (reading, listening) are basically advantageous, because
documents may occasionally be written in English.