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Anna Bouwer

Anna Bouwer

Phone: +41 71 224 71 80

Classic sales are on the retreat and are about to be repositioned. It is less about evolution than about revolution. Factors such as customer orientation along the customer journey in the digital age, the change towards customer experience management or the substitution of personal sales by digital approaches such as AI play a central role.

The old rules of Darwin’s theory of evolution are surprisingly up-to-date and can be applied very well to sales. Freely interpreted, those will prevail in the market who can best and, above all, fastest adapt to rapidly changing conditions and customer requirements and needs. Companies can no longer afford to cling to old sales thinking patterns or even protect established sales channels.

These and other highly relevant sales topics are the focus of research and practice at the Institute of Marketing. You head our “Intensive Study Program for Sales Management” and set the direction. True to the motto of the University of St.Gallen “from insight to impact”, the aim of the course is to make a significant contribution to the sales success of the participating executives and specialists and their companies.


In 6 modules you can acquire the latest knowledge and developments in sales as well as innovative concepts. In addition, you will be asked to transfer what you have learned to your company during your intensive studies. After successfully completing the further education, you complete this 18-day course with a Certificate of Advanced Studies.


This advanced training is aimed at experienced managers and young high potentials from sales and customer management in industrial, commercial and service companies. A first degree is not necessary.

Module I:

Strategic Sales Management

25.–27. August 2020

Distracted by the operative day-to-day business, sales people often lose sight of the "big picture". An understanding of the overall context, both in the market and within one's own organisation, is essential for sustainable sales success.

Content: Sales Excellence, Netmapping - Networked thinking, Successful selling in the age of digitalization

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Module II:

Active Selling

15.–17. September 2020

This module can also be booked individually*. In the end, sales success is always "at the table" with the customer. The goal must be to strive for win-win situations without losing sight of the best possible result for one's own company. Of course, negotiation strategy, tactics and skills play an important role in this. However, it is much more important to offer customers real added value instead of products or services and to sell them this added value on the basis of a needs-oriented argumentation.

Content: Value selling, direct sales, negotiation strategy and tactics, price management, increasing sales performance

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

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Module III:

Leading Sales

06.–08. October 2020

This module can also be booked individually*. In sales, management takes place at different levels. On the organisational level, it is important to use the available energy to achieve high performance in sales or change. On the team level, it is about leading employees and colleagues with and without authority and motivating them extrinsically but also increasingly intrinsically. Finally, it is important to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of one's own sales personality at an individual level and to use these in a targeted manner in order to guide customers to the right purchase decision.

Contents: Leadership and organizational energy, sales staff leadership, personality oriented selling

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

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Module IV:

Management of Sales Processes

10.–12. November 2020

This module can also be booked individually*. Customer processes become longer, more staggered, shift or are terminated. In order to lead the customer to make a purchase, these customer processes must be accompanied effectively and the business processes in sales must be aligned accordingly.

Content: Organizational complexity in sales, sales of digital products, collaboration between marketing and sales, management and coordination challenges in international sales

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

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Module V:

Customer Types and Customer Segmentation

01.–03. December 2020

This module can also be booked individually*. Customers decide how well the company is doing. The key is to select attractive customers, segment them and process them in a differentiated manner. Companies need professional solutions for small, medium and large customers. One-sided approaches do not work sufficiently.

Content: Value-based management and customer prioritization in sales, growth through channels, key account management, tenders, incentive systems in sales

*Individual booking of the seminar costs CHF 3'900.

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Module VI:

Sales 4.0

12.–14. January 2021

The megatrend digitalization not only changes production. Digital and analogue aspects must also be skilfully combined in sales. Customers simply have different requirements. Today's and tomorrow's customers no longer need information from the salesperson, they need a fast and competent salesperson - at eye level.

Content: First-Line Sales Manager, Sales Control, Sales Automation, Agile Customer Insights

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Your Investment

Participation in the course costs a total of CHF 18,750.– for 18 study days (6 modules of 3 days each). This includes all documents, books, lunch and break meals. The costs for arrival and departure, accommodation, dinner and joint evening events are not included.

Your Program Advisor

Anna Bouwer

Anna Bouwer

Phone: +41 71 224 71 80

With your application you will be involved in the planning phase at an early stage. The binding force only begins 6 weeks before the seminar starts.

With the non-binding reservation you secure one of the coveted places and will be informed shortly before overbooking.


Degree: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-HSG)
ECTS Credits: 12
Start: 25 August 2020
Duration: 6 modules each 3 days
Location: St.Gallen
Target group: Managers and high potentials from sales and customer management in industrial, commercial and service companies
Investment: CHF 18'750.–

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Since our intensive seminar is always fully booked, we recommend that you contact the seminar leader immediately. A reservation is an ideal way to secure a place without obligation, and in the meantime to make internal, organizational arrangements.

In the registration you will be asked about your desired billing address. The invoice can be sent to your home address or to the company. If you register a DAS, it is possible to stagger the total amount up to three installments.

The intensive seminar is divided into six modules, each with a particular focus. Each module takes place from Tuesday to Thursday, with an evening program on Wednesday evening. On request, the seminar leader can send you a module plan of the current implementation.

The exams consist of three areas. On the one hand, a personal presence in the modules (attendance rate of 90%) must be guaranteed. In addition, an individual learning transfer must be submitted in writing to the seminar leader at the end of each module (handling of approx. 10 pages, grading takes place). Furthermore, group work takes place across the modules. The goal is to work out a topic in writing and give a final presentation (both contents are graded).

Simply put, the relationship can be expressed in a small mathematical formula. CAS + CAS = DAS. This means that you will receive a Diploma of Advanced Studies from the University of St. Gallen after you have completed the exams in the respective CAS and submitted your diploma thesis. As soon as you complete CAS Sales Management, the addition “Sales Executive” is added to the title of the diploma.

In managerial training, we understand that you as a manager in your company appreciate a high degree of flexibility. We would like to offer this to you by giving you the opportunity to design your own path at the HSG. Basically, the CAS sales management takes place in the second half of the year, the CAS marketing management in the first half of the year. The intensive seminars in B2B take place twice a year, in spring and autumn. You can visit both CAS in one year, or split your stay over several years. In the meantime, you can e.g. Take time for your thesis.