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Porträt Alexander Tombach

Alexander Tombach

Phone: +41 71 224 71 53

The further education diploma Marketing Executive (DAS) of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) imparts current knowledge and practice-proven concepts in marketing and communication in a problem-related and application-oriented manner.

Diploma DAS Marketing Executive HSG

In 12 modules you can acquire the latest knowledge and developments in marketing management as well as communication and management. In addition, you will be asked to transfer what you have learned to your company during your intensive studies. After successfully completing the further education, you complete this 38-day course with a Diploma of Advanced Studies.

Your Benefit

In a total of 12 modules, you will learn about tried and tested concepts and the latest findings from brand management to performance management. Interactive workshops and transfer tasks enable you to transfer what you have learned directly to your company during the diploma course. Our instructors are always available to answer questions and you will receive comprehensive, individual feedback on all transfer tasks. Even the preparation of a diploma thesis on a current challenge in your company offers concrete added value for you personally and for your company as a kind of consulting mandate.


The extra-occupational course of study is aimed at managers and junior staff of industrial, commercial and service companies. As the course is enriched by the diversity of industries and different backgrounds, we aim to have a heterogeneous group of participants. Alumni include marketing managers with many years of professional experience as well as lateral entrants with a technological background or managing directors looking for new impulses. A first degree is not required, but participants should already have project or team management experience.


The further education diploma Marketing Executive HSG imparts a sound, holistic knowledge in marketing and communication. The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) is made up of the two intensive studies Marketing Management and Communication and Management. Upon completion of the first course, you will already receive a preliminary Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). Due to its modular structure, the course of studies offers a high degree of flexibility and ensures compatibility with career and family. You can determine the starting date and pace of your further education yourself.

  • Market-oriented corporate management
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Price and distribution management
  • Brand management, international marketing
  • Interactive and digital marketing
  • Effective corporate communications
  • Communication in change processes
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Performance

Seminar dates

The next course of study starts either on 18 January 2022 with the HSG Intensive Studies in Marketing Management (CAS) 6 September 2022 with the HSG Intensive Studies Communication and Management (CAS). The diploma thesis can be written flexibly and individually in parallel, between or after the study modules.

CAS Marketing Management

Module I (18.–20.01.2022): Market-oriented Strategies for Profitable Growth
Module II (22.–24.02.2022): Marketing Intelligence
Optional Compulsory Module III: Product Management (29.–31.03.2022) or B2B Marketing (05.–07.04.2022)
Module IV (26.–28.04.2022): Brand Management & Digital Marketing
Module V (31.05.–02.06.2022): Distribution & Price
Module VI (28.–30.06.2022): Marketing Controlling

CAS Communication and Management

Module I (06.–08.09.2022): Communication basics and concepts
Module II (08.–10.11.2022): Communication Management
Module III (06.–08.12.2022): Communication media, means and design
Module IV (17.–20.01.2023): Digital Communication
Module V (14.–17.03.2023): Brand management
Module VI (30.05.–01.06.2023): Communication psychology and effects

Your Investment

Participation in the course costs a total of CHF 29,500.– for 38 days of study (10 x 3 days plus 2 x 4 days). This includes all documents, books, lunch and refreshments during breaks. Not included are the costs of travel to and from the course, accommodation, dinner and joint evening events.

Your Program Advisor

Porträt Alexander Tombach

Alexander Tombach

Phone: +41 71 224 71 53

With your application you will be involved in the planning phase at an early stage. The binding force only begins 6 weeks before the seminar starts.

With the non-binding reservation you secure one of the coveted places and will be informed shortly before overbooking.


Degree: Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS-HSG) – combination of two intensive studies
ECTS Credits: 24
Start: 18 January 2022
Duration: 12 modules of 3 – 4 days (38 days in total)
Location: St.Gallen
Target group: Managers and high potentials from sales and customer management in industrial, commercial and service companies
Investment: CHF 29'500.–

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