Intensive Seminar Excellence in Key Account Management

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Meriton Ceka

Meriton Ceka

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Achieving sustainable competitive advantages with key account management

Certificate Executive Education in Key Account Management

Upon successful participation in the Intensive Seminar Excellence in Key Account Management, you will receive a certificate from the University of St.Gallen and can also have the seminar credited at a later date as a module in the HSG Intensive Studies Sales Management (CAS). The executive education program Excellence in Key Account Management has a modular structure so that the content learned can be directly applied to business practice. The modular structure also allows for a smooth connection of professional obligations with the continuing education program of the University of St.Gallen.

Your Benefit

You will learn the basics and instruments of modern key account management using the St.Gallen KAM Concept and practice the development of systematic solutions using current company examples. In this way you will develop a basis for substantial success in key account management and strengthen your position in your own company through the knowledge you have acquired. The exchange of experiences with like-minded people helps you to extend your specialist knowledge far beyond your own working environment. The seminar materials and the project documentation to be prepared by the participants can be used directly for key account management after the training.

Further highlights from the Executive Education Excellence in KAM at the University of St.Gallen (HSG):

The Intensive Seminar Excellence in Key Account Management is designed in such a way that you can achieve both success for your personal development and a high benefit for your company. In order to provide you as an executive with an excellent learning experience, we integrate the experiences and expectations of the participants into our training courses and continuously develop them further:

Benefits for your personal development:

  • You will receive practice-oriented further training in key account management
  • Through professional and personal competence you will rise in your own organisation
  • You receive research-based and field-tested tools to increase your effectiveness and efficiency on the operational level of a key account manager and on the company level
  • The University of St.Gallen offers you a platform for your personal network of contacts even after you have completed your executive education in Excellence in Key Account Management
  • Once per module week a joint evening event is organised. Inspire and let inspire, learn new things and expand your own network – that is our motto of the social events.

Benefits for your company:

  • The St.Gallen Key Account Management Concept and the Value Selling approaches used in the further training ensure your future and competitiveness
  • By conveying concepts, principles, methods and tools for professional processing of strategically important customers, you ensure long-term profitability and growth in the company
  • In different workshops the participants work out concrete solutions for current challenges in the company
  • The participants are accompanied and expertly supervised by the study director when drawing up a key account management plan for their own company. The transfer work between the modules is designed to ensure that the knowledge acquired in the seminar is transferred into the daily work of the course participants.
  • In the executive education you professionalize your tasks as a Key Account Manager


The seminar is aimed at key account managers, senior key account managers, global account managers, managing directors, and sales and marketing managers who are responsible for one or more key accounts. In addition, the training is also suitable for managers and employees who are responsible for key customers and who understand systematic key account management as a profitable approach to differentiating themselves from the competition.


Recommendation by the Participants


Practical Benefit of the Seminar


Opportunity to build an exclusive Network

*Evaluation 2020


The executive education Excellence in Key Account Management teaches in a practice-oriented manner how key accounts can be handled with the help of systematic approaches. In the course of the training, solutions for company-specific key account management are promoted and instruments and methods for key account management are learned and trained. Furthermore, digital solutions and tools as well as their application for processing strategically important customers should be learned.


Using the St.Gallen Key Account Management Concept, you will learn in the seminar step by step how to successfully process key accounts and find out what conditions must be created in the company in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage:

  • Basics and instruments of successful and modern key account management
  • Systematic processing of individual key customers
  • Anchoring of key account management in the company
  • Development of the competencies and skills of a key account manager and the skills at the level of a key account management team

40th Implementation Excellence in Key Account Management

Due to the current special situation with Covid-19, the 39th implementation of Excellence in Key Account Management (Module 1: 19 – 21 January 2021 / Module 2: 02 – 04 March 2021 / Module 3: 13 – 15 April 2021) unfortunately had to be postponed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or +41 71 224 71 64.

Module I:

Systematic key customer analysis and processing

31.–02. September 2021

  • Effective and efficient analysis of the key account and its environment
  • Recognizing and developing the potential of key accounts
  • As a Key Account Manager, managing and using resources correctly
  • Planning and strategic options in key account processing
  • Methods and tools for account based marketing
  • Learn to communicate professionally with key customers
  • Digitization in key account management and getting to know important digital tools in B2B business
  • Internal and external buying center analysis in B2B business

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Module II:

Portfolio orientation, management and personality competence in KAM

05.–07. October 2021

  • The link between strategy, measures and performance review
  • Derivation of the corporate strategy on the key account management strategy
  • Configure services and create added value for key accounts and communicate this correctly
  • Optimizing pricing policy, pricing strategy and pricing tactics in key account management
  • The Key Account Management Plan and its preparation and professionalization
  • Conducting negotiations in difficult situations and training in key account management
  • Self-leadership, teamwork and roles in key account management
  • Personnel development for KAM employees, career paths in KAM and processes in key account management
  • Importance, composition and leadership of KAM teams

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Module III:

External effects and internal implementation in KAM

23.–25. November 2021

  • Structures and implementation in key account management
  • Lead generation in key account management and search engine optimization (SEO and SEA) to observe the digital behavior of key customers
  • The key account manager in the area of conflict between head office and foreign branches
  • International and Global Key Account Management
  • Professionalism check for your own account management in your own company using the St.Gallen Key Account Management Model developed at the University of St.Gallen
  • Intercultural competence as Global Key Account Manager
  • Management of personal business relations

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The lecturers in the Excellence in KAM course are mainly lecturers from the University of St.Gallen and renowned personalities with proven practical experience. The University of St.Gallen is known worldwide for its forward-looking research and unique practical orientation.

Conditions of Admission

Admission is at the discretion of the director of studies. Attention is paid both to the professional career and to the education and further training completed. An academic university or university of applied sciences degree is not required.

Your Investment

Participation in this intensive seminar costs a total of CHF 8’995. This includes all documents, books, lunch and refreshments during breaks. Not included are the costs of travel to and from the seminar, accommodation, dinner and joint evening events.

Your Program Advisor

Meriton Ceka

Meriton Ceka

Phone: +41 71 224 71 64

With your application you will be involved in the planning phase at an early stage. The binding force only begins 6 weeks before the seminar starts.

With the non-binding reservation you secure one of the coveted places and will be informed shortly before overbooking.


Degree: Seminar Certificate
Start: 31 August 2021
Duration: 3 modules each 3 days
Location: Weiterbildungszentrum Holzweid, St.Gallen
Target group: Key Account Manager, International (Key) Account Manager, Global (Key) Account Manager, Product Manager, Managing Director, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager
Investment: CHF 8'995.–

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Should the clarifications take a longer time, we recommend that you register provisionally (online reservation). Until the limit of participants is reached, we will keep a place free for you without obligation and inform you before we assign it to someone else.

Yes, the intensive seminar Excellence in Key Account Management can also be extended at a later date to the certificate degree Sales Management (CAS) by completing four modules of the intensive studies and writing a project thesis. Please contact us for the composition of an individual certificate curriculum.

Between study blocks, you will reflect on the material covered in the study block, solve three individual test questions, work on the project work and prepare for the next block. The weekly working time required for this varies greatly from individual to individual. On average, former participants invested 8 to 10 hours between modules.

If you have missed a lecture or study block (due to illness, military service, professional obligations, etc.), you can make up for it free of charge in the following year, provided there is a comparable offer.

Our training course is designed to be extra-occupational and usually takes place from Tuesday to Thursday. In this way, we enable our participants to optimally coordinate further training and professional tasks.

No specific technical, professional or university education is required for the Intensive Seminar Excellence in Key Account Management. A first degree is not required. However, in order for relevant topics to be dealt with in sufficient depth and worked on in a group, it has proven to be useful if the participants have practical experience in marketing and ideally demonstrate this in a management position.

The sender is of central importance for the recognition of the degree: the University of St.Gallen is one of the leaders in business education. You will receive a personal seminar and performance certificate for participation in the Intensive Seminar Excellence in Key Account Management and have the opportunity to acquire the Sales Management (CAS) from the University of St.Gallen. With the Bologna reform, further education degrees were divided into three levels:
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS): 12 ECTS credits
Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS): 30 ECTS credits
For further information about eMBA/MBA please contact us personally.

Yes, the language is basically German. Passive knowledge of English (reading and listening) is an advantage, as documents or parts of lectures can be in English.

On request, we will be happy to name some participants (e.g. from your industry) who you can contact.

All documents and examinations as well as break meals and lunch are included in the tuition fees. If necessary, additional costs for overnight stays, parking fees and evening meals are incurred.