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We offer you professional, in-house training in marketing and sales that are specifically tailored to the needs of your company. With our offers you will be able to increase the performance of your specialists and executives as well as professionalize your marketing and sales approach. Our team of experts draws on many years of practical experience and thus guarantees a maximum impact. Thanks to our network at the University of St. Gallen, we have access to the latest research findings and integrate state-of-the-art methods and techniques into our work. In this way, we ensure that measures are action- and result-oriented and significantly improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

Professional Inhouse Education & Training

Employees are the key to success! Do you feel a concrete need for action and want to encourage and challenge your employees? We help you to expand and refine the skills of your employees. We…

  • convey valuable state-of-the-art knowledge and proven methods that improve effectiveness and efficiency in daily practice.
  • offer interactive seminars and trainings, which we tailor to your needs.
  • adapt the program intensity to your wishes: we offer a wide variety of programs ranging from individual impulse lectures, seminars lasting several days to company-specific marketing academies and train-the-trainer programs
  • Have qualified speakers, consisting of lecturers from the University of St. Gallen and experienced entrepreneurs from our practice network.

Team and Contact

Are you interested in company-specific training in sales or marketing? Then simply contact us. We will gladly be available for a free initial consultation.

Our Topics

Customer Experience

Redefine the customer experience in B2B and B2C markets along the customer journey

As customer journeys are steadily changing, we help you to gain deep insights into your customers behaviour in B2B and B2C markets. Based on a customer-centric, outside-in approach, we create together with you a seamless experience for your customers across different channels. We support you in designing a customer journey that addresses your customers’ needs and, at the same time, enables you to realise revenue, profit, and growth targets. This goes also along with integrating new marketing and sales technologies along the customer journey.

Overview of relevant subtopics: customer needs’ analysis & customer insights, customer persona, customer journey management, customer experience management, omni channel management, new marketing and sales technologies such as voice assistants, digital marketing

Creating, communicating, and selling value to B2B and B2C customers

As customers’ needs and preferences are constantly evolving, they are looking for new value offerings in both B2B and B2C markets. Based on a customer-centric, outside-in approach, we help you to identify and understand these customer needs and preferences as well as translating them into appealing added value offerings (benefits) for both, physical products and services. We also support you in monetarizing the added value as well as in communicating and selling it successfully to your customers. Besides monetarizing benefits, selling them adequately to customers is still a huge challenge for many companies.

Overview of relevant subtopics: customer needs’ analysis & customer insights, customer persona, customer centric culture, value creation, value proposition canvas, value pricing, value communication, value selling, marketing communication

Mehrwerte stiften

Successfully serving different customer segments in B2B and B2C markets

Managing successfully the customer portfolio is still an ongoing-challenge in many companies. As one and the same customer’s purchasing behaviour can strongly vary according to the situation, companies need clear customer handling strategies to behave appropriately. Therefore, by means of customer insights, we help you to define relevant customer handling strategies as well as different customer interaction models such as you are able to efficiently and effectively serve your customers according to their situational needs. In addition, it’s key to measure success in customer relationships management in order to derive the right optimisation activities as well as to check effectiveness and efficiency in customer portfolio management.

Overview of relevant subtopics: market insights and customer insights, customer segmentation, customer handling strategies, customer interaction models, customer relationships management (CRM), customer acquisition & customer retention, key account management, global account management, customer centricity, measuring success in customer management

The St. Gallen Key Account Management Concept

Managing the new era in industrial sales and marketing successfully

The surge of new technologies, robotics, automation applications and the growth of the internet of things have changed the world of industrial goods companies dramatically. Totally new products and services as well as new business models are coming up and the traditional marketing and sales approaches are becoming obsolete. Customers are doing more than 46 % of the customer journey on their one without getting in contact with a supplier. Therefore, more than ever before, companies face the challenge of identifying high quality leads and turning them into sales opportunities and wins in order to reach their growth and profitability targets. We support you in developing suitable sales and marketing strategies, creating, monetarizing and selling new value offerings and business models, rethinking your overall sales and marketing process, restructuring your sales and marketing processes/organisation as well as in measuring success. In addition, we develop your employees’ skills in marketing and sales to successfully implement the new strategic approaches.

Overview of relevant subtopics: customer insights, value creation, value pricing, lead generation, tender management, negotiation management, value selling, marketing mix, sales and marketing processes, sales and marketing organisation, business model innovation, marketing performance measurement, sales performance measurement

Industriegüter Vertrieb

(Re)inventing your business model in B2B and B2C markets

Due to a wide range of digital possibilities and solutions, many new players, respectively disruptors, are changing the way how business is done in established markets. In order to stay ahead from your competition or even be a game changer by yourself, we support you to critically rethink your business model. This does not necessarily mean you must completely reinvent your existing business model. It rather means that you change or integrate some new business elements into your proven business model. Thereby, you are able to remain your existing strengths and, at the same time, to unlock new business potential and to generate additional revenue streams.

Overview of relevant subtopics: market insights and customer insights, business model innovation, trend management, value creation, value proposition, monetarization of business models

Utilizing digital sales and marketing technologies for growing your business and shaping the future

As digital marketing and sales solutions are flooding the market, companies are struggling with how they can use them successfully for their own purposes. We support you in better understanding what new digital marketing and sales technologies really can do for you, how to set up a good strategy for integrating these new solutions into your existing marketing and sales process such as they really contribute to improving your sales and marketing performance. In addition, it’s important to make sure how your company can protect itself against risks associated with the use of these new technologies.

Overview of relevant subtopics: chatbots in sales and marketing, voice-based sales, voice-marketing, voice shopping / voice assistants, machine learning & artificial intelligence in sales and marketing, algorithmic consumption, programmatic marketing, blockchain, platform economy

Digitale Vertriebstechnologien

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