Company Specific Consulting B2B & B2C Sales & Marketing

Increase your efficiency and effectiveness

We help our customers from a wide range of B2B and B2C industries to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in sales and marketing and to achieve their profitability and growth targets in the long term.

In doing so, we follow the approach of cooperative consulting. Together with our customers we define the project goals and results. If necessary or helpful, we collect relevant data according to the latest research methods to put the development of strategies and concepts on a reliable foundation. In strategy and development workshops we develop company-specific solutions together with the client’s project managers. We bring decades of experience from numerous research and consulting projects, practical examples from other companies and the latest management concepts from the University of St.Gallen to the table. This enables us to develop and implement sustainable sales and marketing solutions whose success is also measurable.

Overview Company Specific Consulting B2B & B2C

Typical topics and questions to which our customers are looking for answers

Market and Customer Insights & Segmentation

  • What are relevant market trends?
  • What are the needs of our customers?
  • How can we segment our customers according to their needs?
  • What are the needs of the different segments?
  • Which segments do we want to address?
  • How can we successfully serve different customer segments?

Value Selling, Emotional Selling & Story Telling

  • What is the added value ( benefit ) of our products & services?
  • How can we successfully sell benefits to our customers?
  • How can we do value-based pricing ?
  • How do we integrate benefits into our marketing communication ?
  • How can we sell our products and services emotionally ?
  • How can we use effective story telling for our offerings?

Customer Journey & Customer Experience Management

  • What does the customer journey of our customers (customer segments) look like?
  • Where are the levers along the customer journey that facilitate and accelerate the purchasing process?
  • Where are pitfalls that slow down the buying process or even lead to a cancellation?
  • How do we create the optimal customer experience for our customers (customer segments)?

Management of Smart Account, Regular Accounts, Key Accounts and Global Accounts

  • Who are our small customers, regular accounts, key accounts and global accounts ? How do we select them?
  • How do our accounts differ?
  • What kind of customer handling strategies can we use to successfully process the different account types?
  • How do we have to set up sales and marketing to successfully serve the different accounts?
  • How do we measure success with small accounts, regular accounts, key accounts & global accounts?

Positioning, USP & Branding

  • How do we (re) position our brand & our product range successfully in the market?
  • What is our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) ?
  • What does our brand stand for?
  • What does our brand personality look like?
  • How can we modernize our brand ?
  • How can we improve our employer branding ?

Data Analytics in Sales & Marketing

  • How can we establish / introduce Sales & Marketing Data Analytics in our company?
  • How can we collect and use market and customer data effectively and efficiently in Marketing & Sales?
  • Which new technologies are relevant for us?
  • How can we successfully integrate new technologies into our existing marketing and sales approach?
  • How can we increase our turnover by using Sales & Marketing Data Analytics?

(Re)Organising Sales & Marketing

  • What skills & tools do our sales & marketing staff need?
  • How must a modern sales and marketing organization be structured?
  • Which processes are essential to successful sales and marketing?
  • How do Sales Steering & Performance Measurement in Sales & Marketing succeed?

Team and Contact

Are you interested in company-specific further training or consulting in sales or marketing? Then simply contact us. We will gladly be available for a free initial consultation.

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