Inhouse Education & Training

We develop your individual development program in sales, marketing and product management

By tailoring our training courses precisely to your needs, we achieve maximum impact and success. We work with you and your organisation in a collaborative process to identify your specific training needs. You will receive an in-house program tailored to your specific needs in the areas of sales, marketing and product management

1. Identify Your Organisation’s Needs

Identifizieren der Entwicklungsbedürfnisse

We will talk to key stakeholders of your organisation to fully understand …

… the state of your business, strengths, challenges and opportunities, as well as your organisational culture.
… program objectives and desired outcomes.
… desired areas of focus and priorities, target audience, and timing.
… how to incorporate the program into your organisation’s broader development process as well as into corporate strategy and goals.

2. Design the Program Experience

Design des Programms

We will customise the programme to meet your specific educational needs by…

…defining program architecture: e.g., format, content, methodologies and trainers, dates and duration.
…specifying areas of focus and priorities.
…finalizing cohort size and frequency of delivery.
…outlining how the program and its goals will be described to participants.

3. Collaborative Implementation

Kollaborative Implementierung

Before the program begins, we communicate with participants to set expectations, assign any work to be done in advance and build excitement.

During: We deliver the state-of-the-art, research-based and at the same time highly pragmatic and hands-on program and support participants throughout the whole learning journey, both on-campus, online and back at their business.

After: We make sure that participants successfully transfer new insights, methods and tools to daily business such as a real impact for your organisation is made.

4. Graduation and Certificate

Graduierung und Zertifizierung

After successfully participating in the program, participants receive a certificate from the Insitute of Marketing from the University of St.Gallen.

5. Participant Feedback and Client Evaluation

User Satisfaction

Following each customised program, we capture participants’ feedback, conduct a debriefing, and refine content if necessary for future cohorts and programmes.

Custom Program Formats​

What goals and results do you want to achieve with your further education?​ We offer you a wide range of continuing education formats, from impulse events to compact training courses and holistic company-specific continuing education academies.

Inhouse Würfel Impulsformate
Inhouse Würfel Kompakttraining
Inhouse Würfel Tiefentraining
Inhouse Würfel Unternehmensspezifische Akademie

Impulse Formats

You are planning an internal sales summit or marketing summit and you are looking for some state-of-the-art inspirations and insights?

Here is, what we do: In our 1-3 hours impulse lectures, we …

… provide your audience with latest trends and key insights in sales and marketing research and practice
… discuss possible applications for your business

Compact Training

You are planning to update the most relevant skills and tool set of your sales managers, marketing managers or product managers?

Here is, what we can offer: In a company-specific 1-2 day training, we …

… provide participants with latest trends, insights, methods, tools, and best practices in sales, marketing, and/or product management
… train and coach the participants in successfully applying new methods and tools to their daily business

In-depth Training

You are planning to profoundly enhance the skills and tool set of your sales managers, product managers, or marketing managers?

Here is, what we can do for you: In a company-specific 4-5 day training, we …

… provide participants detailed insights, methods, tools, trends, and best practices in sales, marketing and/or product management
… support the transfer of knowledge, insights, and tools to participants’ daily business e.g. by means of project works and transfer days
… make sure that knowledge and tools are sustainably established in the company

Company Specific Academy

You are planning to systematically develop the skills and tool set of your sales, marketing, and/or product managers?

Here is, what we can offer you: In a company-specific academy consisting of 2 or more training modules, we …

… educate systematically and holistically to fulfill the modern job requirements in sales, marketing and product management
… ensure a consistent and persistent learning and transfer process to daily business
…support you in building up a competitive advantage by increasing the performance of an entire department

Choose your optimal training location

We are wherever you are. Depending on your company’s preferences and participants’ job locations, we jointly select the optimal training location.

Weiterbildungszentrum Holzweid

At our headquarters in St.Gallen (Switzerland), we have an amazing executive campus with an on-campus hotel such as the participants are inspired by an exceptional surrounding of the Swiss mountains and can experience the world-famous St.Gallen spirit.

In addition, we also train and educate participants in your company’s own training facilities or seminar hotels. The illustrations gives you an overview of all countries we delivered our inhouse programmes so far.

Our Methodological Approach

We involve and engage participants by means of a variety of learning formats. Depending on your training objectives and learning preferences, we use a mixture of the most effective training methodologies:

Schreiben am Laptop

E-Learning formats, such as webinars, Q&A sessions, and tutorials

Mikrophon im Hörsaal

Classroom formats, such as interactive input lectures, video cases, tandem exercises, workshop, role-plays, business games, and company-specific case studies.

Papier und Stifte

Learning control formats, such as multiple choice tests, individual or group-transfer tasks, written project thesis

Diskussion einer Gruppe

Transfer formats, such as practical project works, top management presentations, coaching and transfer days


Custom Program Inquiry

Our customising process starts with your specific needs. Please complete the form to help us understand your organisation’s educational needs. A member of our custom team will contact you.