Call for Papers

Are you interested in submitting an article to the Marketing Review St.Gallen? The Marketing Review St.Gallen bridges the gap between theory and practice. The guiding principle is a well-founded and practice-oriented view of marketing management: it is only through the synthesis of theory and practice that it is possible to grasp the complex marketing reality and to advance the marketing discipline together. We are a journal based at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, but we would also like to offer access to our journal to English speaking authors. Additionally, we have the claim to be internationally relevant. Therefore, we have an editorial office for both English and German texts.

The St.Gallen Marketing Review at a glance:

  1. Six issues are published each year with current key issues. The current Call for Paper is published on this website.
  2. The key issues are examined and discussed from different perspectives by scientists and managers. Marketing managers report on their well-founded experiences from everyday business. Scientists publish their latest research results and practical implications.
  3. In addition, basic contributions can be submitted at any time under the heading “Marketing Management”. A prerequisite for such a basic article is that the topic is met with broad interest and is dealt with in a self-contained manner. 
  4. The focus is on quality, topicality and feasibility. A double-blind review process has been in use since the end of 2006: Each contribution is assessed anonymously by a scientist and a manager from corporate practice. The feedback from the reviewers leads to the selection and improvements to the submitted contributions. 

In order to create a transparent starting point for the authors, you will also find the essential criteria that are used to evaluate the articles by the reviewers. Please also read the general and formal instructions for the author carefully on the following pages. Authors whose manuscripts do not meet these guidelines may be asked to revise their manuscript before the contribution can be submitted to the double-blind review process.

We are pleased that you are interested in submitting a contribution to the Marketing Review St.Gallen and are of course happy to answer any questions you may have.

Exemplary articles from research and practice

Research 1:
Klug, K. & Hahn, A. (2021).

Research 2:
Hasenmaile-Aspin, J.,
& Scharfenberger, P. (2020).

Practice 1:
Heinz, C., Grumbach,
D., Herkert, D. & Schulz, W. (2021).

Practice 2:
Stieler, M., & Munk, A. (2020).