Sneak Previews

Sneak Preview Issue 4.2020 – Purpose-Driven Marketing

Customers expect companies to take lead on political change. They care about the consistency of political statement with the company’s core values as well as the motives behind taking a certain stand.

by Moritz Appels, Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Daniel Koschun and Luisa Balk

Sneak Preview Issue 3.2020 – Applications of Customer Foresight Research

How to translate trends into action? Trend research yields important insights into the future development of markets. Translating possible trends into implementable use cases at different levels of the organization is, however, far from trivial. Based on a case study of SIX, one of the biggest financial service providers in Switzerland, we propose a scenario building method that we called “Pictures of the Future” to start the trend translation process.

by Birte Karoline Manke, Dr. Tobias Lehmann and Michael Katz

Sneak Preview Issue 2.2020 – Marketing Management

All too easily, companies assume that comments and ratings from the Internet have a decisive influence on consumer behaviour. In this article we will focus on the specifics of word-of-mouth communication in the social environment or on the Internet in the consumption of films and showed in an empirical study that young consumers rely mainly on recommendations from family members, friends and acquaintances.

by Thomas Aichner, Oswin Maurer and Denise Frötscher