Doctoral Thesis

Opportunities of a doctorate 

Doctoral studies are the first step towards an academic career. For three to five years, you devote yourself to a specific topic and become an expert in this field. The dissertations at the Institute for Marketing are characterized by the high practical relevance of the research topic. This is linked to the latest academic academic literature and thus has a strong relevance for practice, which is scientifically sound. 

Your impact 

The doctorate prepares you ideally for a possible scientific career. Nevertheless, some doctoral students choose the way back to practice because their research topics and the knowledge generated are highly relevant for organizations in the market. Therefore, during and after your doctorate, you have the choice of the direction in which you want to develop. 

What we offer 

The Institute for Marketing offers you an environment that supports you optimally, from finding a topic to defending your dissertation. The constant exchange with practitioners enables you to ideally link your topic to practical challenges. The experienced researchers working at the institute will also help you to ensure that your work has an impact in science through publications.

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