Master in Marketing Management

You focus on customers. You are a future executive. You consider theory in conjunction with practice to be important.

Nowadays, customer-focused management is a prerequisite for success. With the 3-Track-Approach that we have developed, we face this challenge in an innovative way.

MiMM graduates…
…identify challenges and the need for action from the viewpoint of customers and the market and are able to adopt other entrepreneurial perspectives.
…are familiar with methods and instruments of market research and consumer behaviour because they have applied them to practical examples and practised them.
…conduct well-founded assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of strategies and campaigns in the context of market-oriented corporate management (marketing management).
…are competent in the conceptualisation of a market-oriented use of instruments and are able to innovate strategies in a dynamic environment.
…are well-versed in dealing with (digital) media.
…combine qualitative and quantitative analytical and conceptual methods in order to solve present and future problems.
…gauge the impact of entrepreneurial strategies and plans on the market, on society and on the environment in a realistic manner.
…have learnt to tackle new things in a spirit of personal responsibility.
…formulate clear consequences.

Six reasons for the MiMM

Besides our competence in customer-oriented disciplines, we can give you six reasons why you would like to become an MiMM student. The MiMM offers…
…an innovative 3-Track-Approach
…a great deal of diversity: it is the Master’s programme with most institutes under one umbrella of the University of St. Gallen
…a great deal of freedom when it comes to selecting the courses you have to attend
…possibilities of specialisation
…interactive lectures
…very strong links between students and institutes
…a varied student mix.

Join up: the MiMM-Master will empower you for the future.