engageReading and listening about luxury is only one approach to learning more about one of the most fascinating industries – a much more engaging way to experience the management and marketing of luxury is to be immersed in a project, work with experienced managers and solve a specific case or challenge.  This does not only provide an advantage to students, but also to luxury businesses who benefit from insightful and professional student consulting.

The Master’s Program in Marketing, Services and Communication Management (MSC) at University of St.Gallen consists of a unique combination of basic managerial disciplines and market and business models of the relevant industries. One central element of our program is constituted by partnerships and project work with companies.In an application project as described in the Luxury Connected Teaching, students deal with a real problem in groups with the same practice partners for three semesters. During this period of 18 months, student groups engage three specific marketing and management challenges as student consultants. As a result, companies are being presented with the students findings in intermediate and final presentations.

In the Luxury Connected Teaching program, we bring together teams of talented students and experienced managers from the luxury market. Both collaborate on solving a provided question or business challenge.Duration, Dates and LocationOpportunities to create a Luxury Connected Teaching project exist during the summer months. Projects kick-off during fall semester and run through three semesters.

Your Investment

Participating in a Luxury Connected Teaching opportunity is free of charge for full partners of the Competence Center for Luxury Management. For companies without an affiliation with the Competence Center for Luxury Management, the collaboration in a Luxury Connected Teaching project requires a financial contribution.

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