We are convinced that exchange fosters business success, academic insight and high-quality education. The luxury industry benefits from skilled researchers as well as it needs eager talent. Researchers require access to the industry to investigate key questions and teach their findings. Talents, finally, are looking for fascinating places to start a career and topics for their theses. The Luxury Exchange Network aims to connect these three groups.

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ConceptOur Competence Center is positioned at the cross-roads of management practice, scientific community, and academic talent. We leverage this position by generating structures that will enable our stakeholders to generate mutual benefit from collaboration. As a basis, the Luxury Exchange Network provides a pragmatic approach to connecting those who would like to exchange.


Representatives of all stakeholder groups of the Competence Center, practitioners, researchers, and students, may join the Luxury Exchange Network.


The competence center will create a Luxury Exchange LinkedIn page. Partners of the competence center as well as senior experts in specific fields of luxury management and marketing, consultants specialized in the luxury field, media contacts particularly interested in luxury, researchers alongside their luxury specific interests, and luxury interested students are invited to join the network and exchange about current topics and have the opportunity to find collaboration partners. The competence center will, alongside its other channels, also use the LinkedIn page to update about latest projects and news.

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Your Investment

The use of the Luxury Exchange Network will be free of charge to full members of the Competence Center for Luxury Management as well as to talent and research stakeholder groups.

To learn more, get in touch via e-mail or call us at +41 71 224 2831.