The luxury market is riddled with unsolved questions and one or the other paradoxon – the ideal environment for luxury research and resulting “impact through insight”. Luxury provides challenges that deserve and in-depth look in order to arrive at solutions. That is why we will coordinate focused research projects undertaken by a small team of graduate and student researchers in collaboration with our partners and associated experts.

Studierende in Gruppe 23


The research topic will be provided during the board meeting of the St.Gallen Luxury Alliance. Based on the provided research topic, the responsible conductor of the study will develop a research plan that will encompass multiple student and graduate researchers taking on individual research packages. The results of the parallel research projects will be integrated and presented to the St.Gallen Luxury Alliance in the subsequent board meeting. In order to provide actionable insights results of the research may include roadmaps, checklists, management concepts, or scenarios of alternative approaches to solve the challenge.


The research is conducted in collaboration with students and graduate researchers.


The advance copy of the Luxury Focus Study will be published in February. The Luxury Focus Study will be submitted for publication in academic venues in August.

Your Investment

The advance copy of the Luxury Alliance Research is free of charge for full partners of the Competence Center for Luxury Management.

Six months after the publication of the advance copy, the Luxury Trend Study will be freely publishable in academic venues.

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