engageLuxury is not only appealing to consumers, but also to employees. In turn, luxury needs and deserves the best educated talents in order to further develop and maintain their organizations. Thus, we continuously develop our teaching on the topic of luxury management and marketing, but we want to go beyond that: we want to connect luxury talent with luxury managers. Without middle man, with maximum impact.



The goal of the luxury industry day is to directly connect talents completing their education in St.Gallen with managers of the luxury industry. Initially, the luxury industry day is being conducted in the setting of the St.Gallen MBA. The luxury industry day is a one day seminar and workshop with opportunities for four practitioners to present themselves, their business, and a specific management challenge that the attending students aim to contribute to solving during the workshop. The development of a more expansive annual luxury industry day that targets both bachelor and master students of University of St.Gallen is currently in development for fall of 2016.


The speakers invited to the luxury industry day our CEOs or members of the executive board of businesses active in the luxury market. Members of the St.Gallen Luxury Alliance receive first invitations.


The audience attending the luxury industry day is comprised of an international group of managerial talents with professional experience from various industries of between three and five years.


Duration, Dates and Location

The next luxury industry day will annually take place in February at the MBA Campus of University of St.Gallen. In 2016, the MBA Luxury Industry Day takes place on Febuary 11th.

Your Investment

Participation is offered to partners of the Competence Center for free.

To learn more, get in touch via e-mail or call us at +41 71 224 2831.