enhanceThe luxury market is subject to a number of shifts and changes, trends and revolutions. However, not many luxury brands proactively position themselves to use those opportunities of the markets to their benefit. With our Luxury Trend Study, we aim to make trends with relevance to the luxury market visible, evaluate their impact, and provide concrete proposals for dealing with the changing market to create competitive advantages.


ConceptThe overarching field of analysis with regard to investigated trends will be provided during the board meeting of the St.Gallen Luxury Alliance. Based on the provided research topic, the responsible conductor of the study will develop a research plan that will encompass student groups, graduate researchers, trend-research experts, managers and scholars. In order to provide actionable insights results will include, first, descriptions of identified trends, including their causations, characteristics and impacts on consumer behavior; second, an evaluation of the presented trends; third, recommendations on management approaches to benefit from the impact of the depicted trends.


The advance copy of the Luxury Trend Study will be published in June. The Luxury Trend Study will be submitted for publication in academic venues in December.

Your Investment

The advance copy of the Luxury Trend Study is free of charge for full partners of the Competence Center for Luxury Management.

Six months after the publication of the advance copy, the Luxury Trend Study will be freely publishable in academic publication venues.

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