educateWe’ve made the experience that exchange across category borders is the key to arrive at truly differentiating advantages. This is why in our management workshop, we build on fostering this exchange and adding new impulses. Thus, “Mastering Luxury Business” has been designed as a productive exchange platform on two critical and current topics defined by the St.Gallen Luxury Alliance.

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This management workshop is addressed to all levels of management that see themselves faced with solving current, operative management or marketing challenges. The workshop is limited to the partners of the Competence Center. Aspiring partners may be invited as guests of the Competence Center.


This workshop’s concept relies on the fundamental basis of exchange for mutual benefit: workshop participants of our partner companies bring topical insight as well as open questions to the workshop for an open and trusting exchange. External guest speakers and guest participants provide further impulses, present cases or give background on research on the topics. This event is not a lecture-driven seminar, but an exchange-driven workshop.


The workshop focuses on two essential challenges as defined by the St.Gallen Luxury Alliance as part of the annual board meeting. Topics that have been suggested during the Founders’ Circle of the Competence Center include:

brand management, omnichannel, international pricing, customer relationship management, innovation, managing global sales networks, balancing global, and regional strategies


This two-day management workshop will annually take place in September at the Executive Campus of University of St.Gallen. In 2016, the seminar will take place on September 11th – 12th.


Your Investment

This management workshop is being offered exclusively to partners of the Competence Center. Attendance of up to four participants in this seminar is free of charge for full partners of the Competence Center for Luxury Management. Entrepreneurial partners contribute individual participation fees.

To learn more, get in touch via e-mail or call us at +41 71 224 2831.