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The TechX Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab with the mission of improving the future of humanity by understanding and enhancing the human-technology relationship.

IfM Management Pool

The IfM Management Pool is a unique composition of professionals across a broad range of leadership positions, industries, and company sizes. Practitioners gain exclusive access to relevant insights of our research and interactive discussions and break-out sessions during exclusive networking events.

Seminar Series on Marketing

The St.Gallen Seminar Series on Marketing is a well-established initiative, which aims at fostering scientific exchange and collaborations among researchers from within and outside of the University of St.Gallen.

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List of Speakers

Learn more about past and planned presentations of our international speakers.

Scientific Community

Scientific Events

We actively contribute to the scientific community by organizing specialized panels, workshops, and special sessions at international conferences.


We're a member of some of the most renowned research institutions

Research Network

Our research network spans the entire globe with contacts to the major universities in Europe, America and Asia


We serve as reviewers for national and international as well as several top tier journals in the field of marketing


Cover Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience

Hampton*, W.H., Wilmer*, H., Olson, I.R., Olino, T.M. , Chein, J.M. (2019)

Wired to be connected? Links Between Mobile Technology Engagement, Intertemporal Preference, and Frontostriatal White Matter Connectivity. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Cover Journal of Marketing Review

Venkatraman, V., Dimoka, A., Pavlou, P. A., Vo, K., Hampton, W., Bollinger, B., & Winer, R. S. (2015)

Predicting Advertising Success Beyond Traditional Measures: New Insights from Neurophysiological Methods and Market Response Modeling. Journal of Marketing Research.

Cover Frontiers in Psychology

Hampton*, W.H., Asadi*, N., Olson I.R. (2018)

Good Things for Those Who Wait: Predictive Modeling Highlights Importance of Delay Discounting for Income Attainment. Frontiers in Psychology.

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